Legal Name Change in Oregon

Name Change

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There are times in our lives when name changes can occur as part of a legal process such as divorce, marriage, or adoption. Outside of those legal proceedings, you can initiate a standalone name change proceeding at a court in Oregon. Several documents are required for the court process, and there is more to be done outside of the court such as with the Social Security Administration and the DMV.

A new start

Reasons for a name change

Maybe your current name is misspelled, or, you want to change your name because another feels like a better fit. There are multiple reasons for the change and they vary by person and circumstances.
Marriage and divorce are not the only reasons why we change our names. Newlyweds can combine both surnames into one and each will take on the new name. Gender changes may prompt a name change to reflect the new gender, or transgender people may desire a name to be changed to something in line with how they identify as a person.

• Dislike your current name
• Change following a divorce
• Taking a spouse’s name after marriage
• Changing a child’s name
• Religious reasons
• Change of gender or sex

How we can help

We can guide you through the process from beginning to end. Our attorneys and staff help draft and file the Petition, which is a document that asks the court to issue an order that your name be changed to something else. We will help you prepare for the court hearing which is a standard part of the process. The hearing allows anyone to speak about why they object to the name change. We also aid in drafting the other documents that are part of the legal process including the order to show cause, notice of the petition and hearing, and general judgment.

• Draft and file Petition for a change of name
• Publish notice of the name change hearing
• Draft an order to show cause
• Assist with the court hearing
• Give notice of the name change hearing
• Draft a declaration of posting notice
• Draft a General Judgment of your name change
• Publish notice of the General Judgment

Changing your name is a process

Once the court process is complete you should make others aware of your new name including: businesses, government agencies, friends, and family. You will need to inform the Social Security Administration of your new name. You may also notify the IRS and the Oregon DMV so that you can get a new driver’s license. Other businesses or entities to inform are: your bank, credit card companies, utilities such as electric and gas, mortgage companies, the post office, and insurers. You may also want to get new checks and a new passport.

Your reasons for this change are your own and we want to honor that. Major life changes such as getting married, divorced, or undergoing a gender reassignment may spur your desire for a name change, or, some people might just dislike the name they were born with. We are here to help.

Kristin LaMont
Oregon name change laws

Below are some of the laws that apply to name changes in Oregon.

ORS 106.220 states that upon marriage, the parties can retain or remove middle and surnames

ORS 109.360 states that if an adoption petition requests a name change, the judge may also provide in the judgment for the change of name.

ORS 807.420 describes the rules and penalties for failing to notify the Oregon Department of Transportation of a change in name.